I am indebted to Mr Peter Francis for all of the items on this page, except the Beleek. If there are errors in the descriptions, it is because I have not been listening carefully enough.

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Beleek Second Period 18" "Crouching Venus"

Middle finger broken many years ago and lost.

As restored

Beleek Second Period "Bust of Clyte"

The head had been broken off and glued with a dirty join.

As Restored

Downshire Baluster Jug

For cleaning and reconstruction

As Restored

Milk jug.

Very dirty, for bleaching.


Sponge decorated bowl

Requiring bleaching only.

William III commemorative plate.

The king's costume is fanciful.

Donovan dish.

To bleach and seal crack, and regild edge.

Dublin tin glaze plate

Part of a set.