Lladro, from Valencia, is best known for its Classic range, which is made from a high quality deeply glazed porcelain. It is characterised by its pastel colour range; the colours are in the body of the porcelain itself, rather than being applied afterwards. Nao is part of the Lladro group, and reflects the style.

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This one is from the Gres Lladro range, coloured more conventionally.

The girl's arm has been broken and glued.

This one is popular as a golfing trophy.

The golf clubs are additions made of steel and it is important not to get them caught in things.

Classic elegance.

The faun's projecting ear was broken off.

A couple of little bed-time figurines.

This one is from Nao.

PS for non-Spanish speakers: The "Ll" is pronounced as "y" and the "r" is rolled as in Scotland: "Yadrro"