A collection of assorted interesting items for restoration

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Derby figure of a minstrel, 18th Century

Had lost both arms a long time ago.

Restored (?)

I could not discover what he looked like originally, but this pastiche pleased my customer.

Chelsea (Gold Anchor) Girl

The figure was in good order, but the tree had to be rebuilt.

Restored in the same style.

Crown Derby Mansion House Dwarf

Parian ware

To restore the crown. Most of the pieces were available.

Japanese cat

Had been previously restored, more or less.

Wedgwood Basalt frieze

Syrian pot, about 12th century

For bleaching only.

Craft Yoga figure.

Best not to overdo it.

Unusual oriental box

Claris Cliff "Bizarre"

Duffy Doll

Crown Devon 'John Peel' Musical Beer Mug

Not yet illegal

Coalport Figurine "Catherine"

Met with a serious accident while out looking for Heathcliff on the moor in her best party frock....

Coalport "Catherine"

Work in progress...

Coalport "Catherine"